Syn Ze Șase Tri – Stapin Peste Stapini

Syn Ze Șase Tri

Stăpîn Peste Stăpîni is not, however, a clear continuation of the epic back half of the band’s sophomore release. Instead, it feels more like a reversion to the mean, and this was clarified for me by the album’s opening. Introduction “Din miez de munte” is a classic orchestral black metal mood-setter, but superfluous, especially as the real opener, “Starjerul Timului,” is also a slow build before breaking into a tremmy riff straight out of the Annals of Orchestral Black Metal History. This disappointment gave way, though, when the album broke into “A Vremii Rinduiala,” and the song started out with Heidevolklike clean vocal harmonizations and Istapp-like melodic black metal; majestic and memorable.


Rating: 3.5/5.0
Origin: Romania
Worldwide Release: February 16th, 2015

1. Din Miez De Munte
2. Strajerul Timpului
3. A Vremii Rinduiala
4. Trecerea Mistica
5. Al Din Ochi De Apa
6. In Gerul Iadului
7. Faurul Muntilor
8. Stapin Peste Stapini
9. Rascrucea Timpului
10. Scrijelit In Piatra
Total playing time: 47:32

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