Bloody Tyrant – Solitary Eagle


The band’s third studio album Solitary Eagle offers very creative, entertaining and inspiring melodic black metal. The epic atmosphere on the album is enhanced by a multitude of elements. Some songs offer majestic symphonic elements and choirs that aren’t a far call from contemporary Dimmu Borgir and the likes. Other songs focus on Taiwanese folk sounds and tales in the key of Chthonic among others. The band also manages to slow things down in specific moments and relies on enchanting acoustic guitar harmonies and soothing new age choirs that might remind you of projects like Darkness over Depth.

Review@Sebastian Kluth

Rating: 3.0/5.0
Origin: Taiwan
Worldwide Release: February 22th, 2017

01.Gazing Far Into The Mountain 05:33
02.Far Journey 05:02
03.Thorns 05:54
04.Fallen Leaves 04:56
05.Cloudburst 04:30
06.Torrential Flood 06:25
07.Eagle Fly Free 05:22
08.Devastation 08:25
09.Gazing Far Into The Moutain (Orchestral Version) 04:13
10.Far Journey (Orchestral Version) 04:55
11.Thorns (Orchestral Version) 05:32
12.Eagle Fly Free (Orchestral Version) 05:22
Total playing time: 1:06:09

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