Winterhorde – Maestro



Winterhorde combines a variety of sounds to make their sound work and which they execute expertly. Blasty melodic black metal is the backbone upon which the band’s sound is built, but they are far from limited. Melodic and classic metal, as well as orchestral influences, build the broad boundaries of Winterhorde‘s sound. Unique, but also familiar, combinations help pace Maestro, and the album is a gratifying listen.


Rating: 4.5/5.0
Origin: Israel
Worldwide Release: May 20th, 2016

01. That Night In Prague 01:39
02. Antipath 05:56
03. Worms Of Souls 05:34
04. They Came With Eyes Of Fire 06:27
05. Chronic Death 06:24
06. The Heart Of Coryphee 11:30
07. A Dying Swan 02:46
08. Maestro 07:14
09. Through The Broken Mirror 04:34
10. Cold 05:56
11. Dancing In Flames 07:12
Total playing time: 1:05:12

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