Valhalore – Voyage Into Eternity


The ingredients used are not necessarily a unique combination by any stretch of imagination, on the other hand, though, it is the way they use these ingredients to cook up a very tasty stew of folk, viking and even some power metal, which is setting them apart from their compatriots as well. One of the band’s major factors is the dual vocal approach of growls and clean vocals, something that many bands try and somewhat pull off, but these Aussies have it down pat to utilize both styles to best effect.

Review@Metal Observer

Rating: 4.5/5.0
Origin: Australia
Worldwide Release: March 14th, 2017

01. By Moon and Stars 03:25
02. Malice of Illusion 07:30
03. The Winterstone 05:31
04. Guardians of Time 06:40
05. Across the Frozen Ocean 06:10
06. Upon the Shores 05:47
07. Augury of Death 03:35
08. Forth the Red Sun Rises 02:13
09. Voyage Into Eternity 06:30
10. By the Light of Funeral Pyres 02:32
Total playing time: 49:53

Official Website / Facebook / Bandcamp / Twitter / Youtube


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