In Thousand Lakes – Age Of Decay


Indeed one of the keys to the older melodeath approach might just be that the band’s first album, Lifeless Waters…, was released almost 20 years ago – around the time when the melodeath scene was abuzz. After disbanding for some time, Age of Decay is the band’s first returning full-length, and it captures all the right feelings of melodic death metal intensity and of course, melody. The vocals stick to a gruff bark, but you can rest easy knowing that the band isn’t going to modernize the approach by the inclusion of some clean vocals at any point. Which then leaves the melodic aspects to be carried by the guitar riffs. Here is where In Thousand Lakes shines, with catchy yet heavy melodies offering themselves up as the star of the show on songs like “True North” and “Ethereal.”

Review@Dead Rhetoric

Rating: 3.0/5.0
Origin: Spain
Worldwide Release: February 20th, 2017

01. Death Train
02. Fall into the Void
03. I Rise
04. True North
05. Age of Decay
06. Hunter of Souls
07. Blind Eyes
08. Ethereal
09. Vanished
10. Wolfzeit
11. 4 Walls (Scars)
Total playing time: 41:39

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