Ex Deo – The Immortal Wars


Right out of the gates, “The Rise of Hannibal” presents a mid-paced anthem that succeeds in setting young Hannibal’s account in motion. After a brief and menacing intro incorporating a middle-eastern intonation, the instrumentation escalates with a bombasity that’s not dissimilar to Septicflesh and Kataklysm, while incorporating melodic death melodies comparable to those of Omnium Gatherum. That, along with the use of epic cinematic elements, forges a song quite uniquely Ex Deo. Maurizio’s vocal delivery is firmly in command; a gruff rasp that’s still clear enough to pick up on each integral line.


Rating: 3.0/5.0
Origin: Canada
Worldwide Release: February 24th, 2017

01. The Rise of Hannibal 04:50
02. Hispania (The Siege of Saguntum) 05:51
03. Crossing of the Alps 05:30
04. Suavetaurilia (Intermezzo) 01:47
05. Cato Major: Carthago Delenda Est! 04:50
06. Ad Victoriam (The Battle of Zama) 05:36
07. The Spoils of War 04:00
08. The Roman 05:59
Total playing time: 38:23

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