Damnation Plan – Reality Illusion


After a brief introduction, settling the listener into the album’s atmosphere, “Beyond These Walls” bursts from the speakers with a riff straight out of Gothenburg. Combined with the by-the-books growls of co-vocalist Tommy Tuovinen, this makes for a perfect headbang-worthy opening. Despite the ferociousness of some of the riffs, this record knows when to reign in the ferocity and let the melodies do the talking. It commands respect and owns an essense of maturity. The melodies themselves are well-crafted and get easily stuck in your head, without being insipid or annoying. This is most notable on the crooning chorus of “Rise Of The Messenger”, where Asim and Tommy pull off some gorgeous harmonies.

Review@Metal Archives

Rating: 3.5/5.0
Origin: Finland
Worldwide Release: March 10th, 2017

01. Intro 01:03
02. Beyond These Walls 04:34
03. Rulers of Truth 06:23
04. Rise of the Messenger 05:19
05. Blinded Faith 04:25
06. The Empowerment 02:28
07. Maze of Despair 04:53
08. Iron Curtain Falls 05:02
09 Reality Illusion 06:33
10. A Chapter in Greed 01:54
11. The Final Destination 08:26
12. Don’t Talk to Strangers (Dio cover) 05:17
Total playing time: 56:17

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