Bare Infinity – The Butterfly Raiser


One can fire out all of the usual comparisons to Bare Infinity’s brand of metal (that being Nightwish, Delain, Epica, et al) but it shouldn’t hinder one from checking it out in full. For while the formula is in fact familiar, Bare Infinity does their best to give it their own stamp to move forward on. First and most obvious is that of vocalist Ida Elena, whose rock-ish (as opposed to operatic) vocals are a clear centerpiece to the act, and certainly have the flair to take the band to the next level. Whether it’s the catchy, melodic flavor of “Hear Me Out,” the soft ballad “Robin’s Eyes,” or a heavier number like “In Desertis,” Elena’s vocals carry an enigmatic and emotional power.

Review@Dead Rhetoric

Rating: 3.5/5.0
Origin: Greece
Worldwide Release: March 3rd, 2017

01. Race Of Destiny 04:54
02. Artemis 04:49
03. Reaching for the Sun 03:48
04. In Desertis 06:06
05. The Butterfly Raiser 04:35
06. Sands of Time 06:43
07. Hear Me Out 06:20
08. Orion’s Light 05:19
09. Ashes 05:05
10. Robin’s Eyes 05:47
11. The Devil’s Call 04:16
12. The Sword the Stone and the Wolf 07:00
Total playing time: 1:04:42

Official Website / Bandcamp / Facebook / Youtube


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