Atlas Pain – What the Oak Left


Folk metal is broad descriptor so I’ll first attempt to capture the essence of these fervent Italians. The best starting point is the compositions and density of Wintersun but with less black metal, more power metal and an ear for cheeriness above grandiosity. What the Oak Left is buoyant and nimble but thankfully avoids the bounciness which plagues other similar bands. There are significant classical elements too, almost occupying as much space as the metal. A typical range of symphonic instrumentation is present and correct (strings, piano, choir, xylophone) but it’s more than a basic backing track: a stellar effort is made to bridge the 2 styles.

Review@Angry Metal Guy

Rating: 3.5/5.0
Origin: Italy
Worldwide Release: March 10th, 2017

01. The Time and the Muse 02:31
02. To the Moon 05:30
03. Bloodstained Sun 04:30
04. Till the Dawn Comes 05:24
05. The Storm 05:05
06. Ironforged 03:55
07. The Counter Dance 02:59
08. Annwn’s Gate 04:55
09. From the Lighthouse 05:28
10. White Overcast Line 11:29
Total playing time: 51:46

Official Website / Facebook / Bandcamp / Twitter / Youtube


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