Wolfchant – Bloodwinter


After five releases, most of which ranged from good to excellent, Wolfchant is back and up to its old tricks. With galloping drums, a mixture of harsh and epic clean vocals, keyboard melodies, orchestrated choruses, and pagan lyrical subject matter, Bloodwinter is about what anyone familiar with this Bavarian unit would expect, with only a fuller, more polished production and a lack of jauntiness in the keys to set it apart from past LPs. This album finds Wolfchant more or less sticking to what it’s done from day one, though with a more serious and professional sound and not as much charisma or vitality as earlier efforts have had.

Review@Metal Archives

Rating: 3.0/5.0
Origin: Germany
Worldwide Release: January 13th, 2017

01. Nornensang 02:05
02. Schicksalsmacht 05:42
03. Wolfchant (A Wolf To Man) 04:00
04. Das Bollwerk 06:09
05. Bloodwinter 05:52
06. Heritage Of Fire 05:38
07. Sehnsucht 03:42
08. Prelude To Revenge 01:08
09. Anthems Of Revenge 03:42
10. Am Schlachtfeld 04:05
11. New Born Killer 08:37
Total playing time: 50:46

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