Edenbridge – The Great Momentum


Kicking off with three almost-identical metal hymns of moderate velocity, The Great Momentum displays its penchant for heavy riffs and catchy choruses which are as satisfying as they are well-performed. “The Moment Is Now” particularly shines, with a magical chorus that defies its modest tempo. The first ballad gives us breathing space before the more energetic centre of the album, then the second ballad serves as the interlude before the epic finale. Now that’s how you structure an album – almost like storytelling. Speaking of which, the twelve-minute closer “The Greatest Gift Of All” is the only point where the double-bass picks up to a true power metal feel – and it doesn’t feel forced. It’s an impressive journey of a song.

Review@Metal Archives

Rating: 3.0/5.0
Origin: Austria
Worldwide Release: February 17th, 2017

1. Shiantara 05:51
2. The Die Is Not Cast 05:14
3. The Moment Is Now 04:23
4. Until the End of Time 04:35
5. The Visitor 05:53
6. Return to Grace 05:13
7. Only a Whiff of Life 03:45
8. A Turnaround in Art 07:30
9. The Greatest Gift of All 12:16
Total playing time: 54:40

Official Website / Facebook / ReverbNation / Youtube


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