Aeternam – Ruins Of Empires


Not that there is much of a burden to listening to Ruins of Empires. Aeternam have produced another fantastic slab of oriental symphonic death metal, a scorching album of 1001 great songwriting ideas, splattered with inventive middle-eastern melodies and instrumentation, and expertly weaving between pummeling bluntness and subtle acoustics. “Damascus Gate” opens on ominous drums and chanting, but it wastes little time on subtlety; before the minute is out, grandstanding guitars knock the pieces off the board, chased by an avalanche of proud symphonics. The influence of oriental metal godfathers Orphaned Land is obvious but this album is much more immediate, and when the song abruptly switches gears into an almost Swedish death metal slaughter it feels natural and fitting.


Rating: 4.0/5.0
Origin: Canada
Worldwide Release: February 10th, 2017

01. Damascus Gate 04:51
02. Paropamisadae 04:11
03. Sun Shield 05:48
04. The Keeper of Shangri-La 04:26
05. Fallen is the Simulacrum of Bel 05:35
06. Colossus 04:15
07. Nightfall on Numidia 02:59
08. Praetor of Mercury 04:46
09. Zadyin Arga 06:43
Total playing time: 43:34

Official Website / Facebook / Bandcamp / Youtube


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