Kaunis Kuolematon – Vapaus


Their music resembles of a painting, which keeps changing with every single tone. For me, this music is actually visual and full of soft, dark colours. If there is someone who considers melodic doom metal boring and lacking the dynamics, then he really needs to hear Kaunis Kuoematon, for it’s dynamic, sparkling, emotional music, which is also perfectly shaped and whose proportion of sadness and hope is well-balanced.


Rating: 3.5/5.0
Origin: Finland
Worldwide Release: November 31st, 2017

1. Alkusanat 01:42
2. Eloton 04:50
3. Hurskas 05:17
4. Yksin 05:31
5. Tuhottu Elämä 06:42
6. Ikuinen Ikävä 04:30
7. Ikaros 04:14
8. Arvet 04:44
9. Sanat Jotka Jäivät Sanomatta 04:57
Total playing time: 42:27

Official Website / BandCamp / Facebook / Youtube


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