Craving – By the Storm


Craving take elements of black, death, and folk metal and vary their proportions with each track to give things a more dynamic perspective. Some songs bring out more of a catchy flavor to them, complete with clean vocal choruses (“Wielder of Storms” or “Penelope’s Prayer”) and some sweltering melodies that contrast from the more blast-ridden verses. Sound familiar? Probably, but there’s no denying the level at which Craving can operate. The choruses are full of compelling material, and the vocal/riff/synth combo give it an urgent tone.

Review@Dead Rhetoric

Rating: 3.0/5.0
Origin: Germany
Worldwide Release: November 25th, 2016

01. Fulgur Immortale
02. By Storm
03. Cave of a Dream
04. Penelope’s Prayer
05. Spirits of the Dead
06. Seven Steps to Darkness
07. One with Darkness
08. Eyes of Winter
09. The Stone
10. Wenn der Wind sich dreht
11. Wielder of Storms
12. The Fountain of Memory
13. Game of Thrones (Bonus Track)
14. Torn Apart (Bonus Track)
Total playing time: 1:18:52

Official Website / BandCamp / Facebook / Twitter / Youtube


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