Veonity – Into the Void


An album is however mainly judged by it’s music and execution and here this album shines brilliantly. The tempo on the songs is held relatively high during most of the songs, only the under 2 minute short spoken interlude “Insanity” is an exception. It’s also the only track that musically-wise doesn’t add much for me. In return ballads, which are often the weak link on power metal albums, are absent on this release. Beside the mentioned interlude, nearly every other track can be called a highlight. My personal favourite has to be the final track “Winds of Faith”. It’s very uncommon, that bands decide to save such a strong song until the end when the listener has already gotten an impression of the record but here it works because the record keeps the quality high until the end.

Review@Metal Archives

Rating: 3.5/5.0
Origin: Sweden
Worldwide Release: September 23rd, 2016

01. When Humanity Is Gone
02. Frozen
03. A New Dimension
04. Awake
05. Insanity
06. Solar Storm
07. Until The Day I Die
08. In The Void
09. Warriors Of Time
10. Astral Flames
11. Heart On Fire
12. Winds Of Faith
Total playing time: 55:17

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