Saor – Guardians


Despite tight production, expert song-writing and meticulous attention to detail, the general expression that “Guardians” resonates is a sense of freedom. The average song length is about 11 minutes, which is ample time to allow the music to breathe and progress naturally. However, the bane of songs with long durations is the crucial requirement to keep an audience captivated. The structures of the 5 songs on “Guardians” appear repetitive, but Marshall’s ability to subtly steer the course of the songs into different territories is a testament to his skilled craftsmanship as a musician. ‘The Declaration’ commences with energised tremolo while dipping into pools of folksy fiddle, bagpipes and flutes; all of which are native to Scotland’s heritage. After a brief, bleak intermission, the song explodes into a gorgeous crescendo where the fiddles and bagpipes are in full march.

Review@Metal Archives

Rating: 5.0/5.0
Origin: Scotland (UK)
Worldwide Release: November 11th, 2016

1. Guardians 11:31
2. The Declaration 10:31
3. Autumn Rain 11:09
4. Hearth 11:27
5. Tears Of A Nation 11:18
Total playing time: 55:56

Official Website / Bandcamp / Facebook / Instagram / Youtube


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