Krampus – Counter//Current


Smoothly following on from “Intro” we have “The Trial” and this is where things pick up and where I will explain my earlier statement of not knowing what the fuck was going on. From this track on, everything but the kitchen sink is thrown in. We have Industrial, we have Metalcore, we have Folk Metal, we have Melodic Death Metal, we have Old School Emo and a hell of a lot more. Normally this would be the stage where I’d switch off and find something else to review, but something about this album is drawing me in; I’m curious and I’m addicted.


Rating: 3.0/5.0
Origin: Italy
Worldwide Release: November 15th, 2016

1. Intro 01:01
2. The Trial 03:53
3. Scapegoat 03:31
4. Black Swan 04:07
5. Pitch-Black 03:23
6. Butterflies on Fire 03:33
7. Nevertheless 03:45
8. Song for the Forgotten 03:20
9. The Breakout 03:01
10. Mistakes 03:49
11. Paralysis 03:12
Total playing time: 36:35

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