Khepra – Cosmology Divine


If not overly folky, what is it then? Basically it’s melodic death metal with oriental influences. Raw vocals, not as low as true death metal, no shrieks like you find in black metal, no clean vocals like in power metal. Just very powerful, gruff but understandable. The folky side is found within the melodies and the use of oriental and acoustic sounds. For instance in ‘Evil incarnate’ all these influences come together very naturally. Add pounding double bass and you will have no trouble at all picturing a big fat metal party. In the same song you will be thinking of Fleshgod Apocalypse.

Review@Folk Metal

Rating: 3.5/5.0
Origin: Turkey
Worldwide Release: September 10th, 2016

01. Atra Hasis 05:24
02. Enki (Diaries Of a Forgotten God) 03:26
03. Desolation 03:25
04. We Are Descending 04:47
05. Obsession Of The Mad 04:27
06. Steps Of Immortality 04:34
07. Evil Incarnate 04:32
08. Into The Cosmic Disharmony 01:33
09. Cosmology Divine 07:26
10. Through The Cosmic Web Of Voids 02:06
Total playing time: 41:40

Official Website / Facebook / BandCamp / Instagram / Youtube


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