In Flames – Battles


Drained” gets the show on the road. It’s a solidly catchy opener that sticks like meat to bone, coming over as a continuation of Sounds of a Playground Fading. Fridén belts out his screamy lines with the right level of enthusiasm to hook, and instrumentally the song’s tight, with a simple guitar solo popping in briefly with some Omnium Gartherum melody towards the back end. “The End” follows, A Sense of Purpose vibe shining through, and once again it’s a catchy number, typical of what I’d expect from today’s In Flames. Another big (but mechanical) guitar solo makes its appearance and it’s all over relatively quickly in a screaming finish. And there you have it, the formula for the large majority of Battles.


Rating: 2.0/5.0
Origin: Sweden
Worldwide Release: November 11th, 2016

01. Drained 04:06
02. The End 03:58
03. Like Sand 03:43
04. The Truth 03:04
05. In My Room 03:25
06. Before I Fall 03:27
07. Through My Eyes 03:50
08. Battles 02:58
09. Here Until Forever 04:19
10. Underneath My Skin 03:30
11. Wallflower 07:06
12. Save Me 04:12
13. Greatest Greed (Bonus Track) 04:09
14. Us Against The World (Bonus Track) 03:40
Total playing time: 55:27

Official Website / BandCamp / Facebook / Twitter / Youtube


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