Evenmore – Last Ride


Folky, epic sounding metal that straddles elements of power and melodic death metal is a bit harder to roll off of the tongue, and may cause one to think that Evenmore feels more akin to Eluveitie or other like-minded acts, but Last Ride tends to come off as more of an individual entity. Though it should be mentioned that ex-Eluveitie hurdy gurdy/vocalist Anna Murphy does appear on a few tracks (as does current Firewind vocalist Henning Basse) – which should give you an indication of the level of talent the band has to attract such talent.

Review@Dead Rhetoric

Rating: 3.0/5.0
Origin: Switzerland
Worldwide Release: October 1st, 2016

01. The Eternal Kingdom 04:08
02. The Ride Begins 03:54
03. Poisoned Thorn 04:29
04. In The Forest (feat. Anna Murphy) 00:37
05. Tavern 03:14
06. Breaking The Silence 06:02
07. The Throne Room 00:51
08. Eleana (feat. Henning Basse) 05:08
09. Bloody Wedding 01:04
10. Bitter Victory 04:40
11. Will You Cry 04:32
12. Last Breath (feat. Anna Murphy) 04:48
13. Valhalla 03:00
14. The Quest (bonus) 01:12
15. In The Forest (feat. Anna Murphy) (bonus) 01:15
16. The Throne Room (bonus) 01:54
17. Bloody Wedding (bonus) 01:40
18. Valhalla (bonus) 03:03
Total playing time: 55:31

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