Epica – The Holographic Principle


So how do the songs themselves fare? The mechanistic theme was a catalyst for Coen Janssen to employ more synth-based keyboard work. This is more evident than ever on the album’s first single “Universal Death Squad”. This was an excellent choice of release, and in my opinion the best song on the album. The buzzing main riff, the tuned percussion accents, the memorable chorus…and every time the “Technological re-me-dy!!” theme crops up I just want to punch a robot square in its mechanical chin. Truly stirring stuff. Almost on par is the furious “The Cosmic Algorithm” and the utterly gorgeous “Once Upon A Nightmare” – which proves to be quite a journey. Wonderfully mystical spoken-word parts and a real emotive performance from the inimitable Simone Simons.

Review@Metal Archives

Rating: 4.0/5.0
Origin: Netherlands
Worldwide Release: September 30th, 2016

01. Eidola 02:39
02. Edge of the Blade 04:34
03. A Phantasmic Parade 04:36
04. Universal Death Squad 06:38
05. Divide and Conquer 07:48
06. Beyond the Matrix 06:26
07. Once Upon a Nightmare 07:08
08. The Cosmic Algorithm 04:54
09. Ascension – Dream State Armageddon 05:16
10. Dancing in a Hurricane 05:26
11. Tear Down Your Walls 05:03
12. The Holographic Principle – A Profound Understanding of Reality 11:35
13. Beyond the Good, The Bad and the Ugly 04:30
14. Dancing in a Gypsy Camp 04:28
15. Immortal Melancholy (Acoustic Version) 03:13
16. The Funky Algorithm 03:30
17. Universal Love Squad 03:45
Total playing time:

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