Dark Lunacy – The Rain After the Snow


Opening with a purely violin intro in “Ab Umbra Lumen” before the heavy instrumentals kick in, you already get a taste of the classical inspiration of this album, the pacing of this song is a bit strange hearing the breaks in the riff makes it hard to judge when it might change. The pace slows down a bit for the chorus and the symphonic sounds take over a bit more as their mostly hidden throughout the other portions of the song. “Precious Things”, which is a few songs down in the album is a huge change in tempo, slowing down completely and is mostly just symphonic. It’s a very welcome break and I think gives the listener a nice breather and if their attention started to sway will definitely pull them back in instantly.

Review@Metal Temple

Rating: 3.0/5.0
Origin: Italy
Worldwide Release: December, 2016

01. Ab Umbra Lumen 04:13
02. Howl 03:40
03. King With No Throne 04:38
04. Gold, Rubies And Diamonds 04:27
05. Precious Things 04:57
06. Tide Of My Heart 03:56
07. The Rain After The Snow 04:21
08. Life Deep In The Lake 05:21
09. The Awareness 04:24
10. Fragment Of A Broken Dream 02:50
Total playing time: 42:47

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