Arkan – Kelem


The fusion between the band’s old and new style is very balanced, coherent and fluid. ”The Call” recalls the band’s classic style and opens with acoustic folk elements before it transforms into a mysterious melodic death metal mid-tempo stomper with passionate growls that sound like a storm passing by. The record’s most extreme track might be ”Erhal” with its pitiless up-tempo rhythm section, destructive riffs and hoarse growls. This song is more brutal than all the tunes from the entire last release combined. It’s a welcome change of pace on an overall more atmospheric release.

Review@Metal Archives

Rating: 3.0/5.0
Origin: France
Worldwide Release: November 10th, 2016

1. Kafir 05:05
2. Nour 05:34
3. The Call 05:23
4. Cub of the Caliphate 04:17
5. Erhal 04:14
6. Eib 01:23
7. Just a Lie 05:49
8. Beyond the Wall 06:01
9. Kelem 02:04
10. Capital City Burns 02:04
11. As a Slave 01:30
12. Jasmine Harvest 06:37
Total playing time: 50:01

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