Equilibrium – Armageddon


First a disclaimer: a “dark mood” for Equilibrium is not like a dark mood for other bands. The goofy synths still rule the roost and there still exists that signature upbeat tempo. But Armageddon is packed with brooding melodies, emotional instrumentals, and general atmosphere of pain and suffering. It all begins with the somber orchestrations of “Sehnsucht”; the track’s loneliness further exaggerated by the Eluveitie-like narration and sets the mood. “Erwachen” follows by not only charges through its starting gate but removes it from the hinges. The track is laden with power, precision, and one of the slickest key-driven choruses on the album; the chorus is big, catchy, and is chock-full of layered, multi-vocalist performances destined to haunt the rest of the album.


Rating: 3.0/5.0
Origin: Germany
Worldwide Release: August 12th, 2016

01. Sehnsucht 02:58
02. Erwachen 04:33
03. Katharsis 05:11
04. Heimat 04:23
05. Born To Be Epic 04:04
06. Zum Horizont 04:12
07. Rise Again 03:51
08. Prey 04:52
09. Helden 04:35
10. Koyaaniskatsi 04:10
11. Eternal Destination 07:21
Total playing time: 50:11

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