Yossi Sassi Band – Roots and Roads


If only the sands of time were as endless as the dunes of Middle-Eastern plains…for there would be no bounds for new discoveries.
As we make our pilgrimages through the Metal lands we often come across earthy anomalies that stick out of the metallic landscape like those rare blades of grass that tear through slabs of concrete. And eclectic ‘fusion’ projects belong to that particular sort foliage that often finds itself floating above the heavy material that dominates this genre. Those peculiar, fresh leaves often become the necessary seasonal changes throughout the often-weathered offerings that are brought along by new winds. And “Roots And Roads” by the Yossi Sassi Band (from Yossi Sassi of Orphaned Land fame) is one such wayward growth that has sprung up amidst the cyclones of Heavy Metal to bring along rays of melody and grains of passion.

Review@Metal Temple

Rating: 3.5/5.0
Origin: Israel
Worldwide Release: May 25th, 2016

01. Wings
02. Palm Dance (feat. Bumblefoot)
03. Root out (feat. Diana Golbi)
04. Mr. NoSoul
05. Madame TwoSouls
06. The Religion of Music (feat. Zaher Zorgati)
07. Winter
08. Thundercloud
09. Road Less Traveled
10. Rizes Kai Dromoi
11. Bird Without a Tree
12. Stronger Than Ever
Total playing time: 54:50

Official Website / Facebook / Bandcamp


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