Oracles – Miserycorde


What makes it all work is the sheer expertise in all aspects of craftsmanship. The groundwork is laid by Mendel’s trademark guitar work. Using groovy, technical riffing combined with memorable lines, big chords and a flair for the grandiose, he establishes a good chunk of the band’s character. The ridiculously fast drumming that Aborted are known for is also present here, and it combines well with the clean singing to create truly epic moments. Sanna’s singing is very emotive and goes beyond what is typically present in the “good cop/bad cop” setup that bands with two vocalists use.

Review@Heavy Blog Is Heavy

Rating: 3.0/5.0
Origin: Belgium
Worldwide Release: July 1st, 2016

01. An Adagio For The Callous 01:48
02. The Tribulation Of Man (Feat. Per Nilsson) 04:05
03. Catabolic (I Am) 04:39
04. Quandaries Obsolete (Feat. Ryan Knight) 04:43
05. Scorn 03:48
06. Body Of Ineptitude (Feat. Jeff Loomis) 03:43
07. Remnants Echo 04:59
08. Canvas Of Me 03:31
09. S(k)in 06:23
10. The Beautiful People 03:45
11. We, The Indifferent 04:08
Total playing time: 45:32

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