Winterhymn – Blood & Shadow


First let’s check our metal checklist. Do we have distorted guitars? Check. Pounding drums? Yep. Harsh vocals? Yes. Okay, let’s move on to the folk metal part. Folky melodies? There. Folky instruments? Yes, partly from keyboard, but also from the good old violin. So now it’s time for our nice or not so nice check. Enough speed? Yeah. Variation? All songs have their own character and within the songs speed varies and harsh and clean vocals vary. Originality? That’s slightly harder. Maybe it’s rather unique to hear the English language once more, but that’s hardly an accomplishment for an North American band. Let’s put it this way: every sound in itself is not unique, but the album ass a whole is brought so convincingly that non-originality is hardly an issue.

Rating: 3.5/5.0
Origin: USA
Worldwide Release: June 17h, 2016

01. Blood of the Moon
02. Dream of Might
03. Blood Burner
04. Legacy in Flames
05. The Summoning
06. Seafarer
07. Silenced by the Northern Winds
08. In Shadow We Ride
09. Huntsman
10. The Wolf’s Head
11. Into the Depths
12. The Chosen End
Total playing time: 55:07

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