Lóchrann – Townsfolk


Their creativity is inspired by the fantasy, ancient culture and traditional melodies from old Ireland, Scotland and Gaul. Apart from typical for metal music instruments, you can hear there many folk instruments: mandolin, tin whistle, flute, violin and bodhrán. Vocals of Teo McGregor and Vainus Vinícius are alternately harsh and clear, that makes wondrous effect. Add to this metal guitars, bass and drums at its best and you have “Townsfolk”. On this album you will not hear any feeble track. It’s without any weaknesses. Some may not like a little bit Latino vocals, but they are really not that bad.

Review@Folk Metal Magazine

Rating: 3.5/5.0
Origin: Brazil
Worldwide Release: March 30th, 2016

01. Cuchulainn
02. Red Storm
03. Strong
04. Gaulish Road
05. Forest Call
06. Living Light
07. Fairies Den
08. Goragon, Keen’s Hammer
09. Battle Claim
10. Song of Depart
11. Summer Breeze
12. Mick MacGuire
13. Pagan Pride
14. Misty Mountains Cold / Eyeless Monkey Inn
15. All Along the Watchtower
Total playing time: 59:55

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