Deadlock – Hybris


Initially it was hard to picture how this band would go forward with their previous ‘The Arsonist‘ starting to dip towards the experimental side with the introduction of 8-string guitars. Would it be a continuation of that experimentation or a return to the classic Deadlock musical structure. The opening track of ‘Epitaph‘ suggests that it is a fusing of the two. The band waste no time in kicking off that signature brutal sound with heavy riffing finding pulse with the intense double kicking of the drums, and then surging into the melodic choruses with the very impressive vocals of new clean singer Margie Gerlitz. While ‘Hybris‘ starts as distinctly Deadlock, it’s the questionable experimentation with clean guitars that renders the album into question.

Review@The Metalist

Rating: 3.0/5.0
Origin: Germany
Worldwide Release: July 8th, 2016

01. Epitaph 04:05
02. Carbonman 04:39
03. Berserk 04:33
04. Blood Ghost 06:34
05. Hybris 05:18
06. Wrath/ Salvation 03:42
07. Backstory Wound 03:58
08. Ein Deutsches Requiem 05:04
09. Vergebung 02:09
10. Welcome Deathrow 06:29
11. Uncivil Hands (Bonus Track) 04:23
12. Fight Song (Bonus Track) 02:58
Total playing time: 53:52

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