Be’lakor – Vessels


Be’lakor have always been that melodeath band that I found to be if not more progressive, certainly more expansive and ambitious in their arrangements and writing. Vessels is very much a logical step down that path from Stone’s Reach and Of Breath and Bone. Use of acoustic guitars in conjunction with electric is liberal and there are more sounds drawn into their repertoire this time around. The guitar tone and riff from 6:05 of “Withering Strands” evokes Gorguts, and is layered with light choral elements. The reverb-soaked, down-tuned intro to “Roots to Sever” is atmospheric in a different way to what they’ve undertaken previously.


Rating: 3.5/5.0
Origin: Australia
Worldwide Release: June 24th, 2016

1. Luma 02:02
2. An Ember’s Arc 08:44
3. Withering Strands 11:16
4. Roots to Sever 07:18
5. Whelm 07:33
6. A Thread Dissolves 03:03
7. Grasping Light 07:04
8. The Smoke of Many Fires 09:47
Total playing time: 56:50

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