Attick Demons – Let’s Raise Hell


To their credit, Attick Demons haven’t attempted to reinvent themselves or their proverbial musical wheel. The band still plays New Wave of British Heavy Metal inspired traditional “keep it true” metal. In this sense, they picked up where Atlantis left off. Attick Demons sticks to tried and true metal formula: twin guitar harmony in riffs and fiery leads, a rumbling rhythm that deliver blistering speed, yet dial back as necessary, and clean and melodic, yet pitched vocals that can go screamo as necessary. Artur Almeida, who has recently been tapped by Iron Mask for vocals, channels Dickinson with ease, actually sounding better than him. And as mentioned in the review of the previous album, Almeida nicks some timbre from Tobias Sammet, yet having more power. One other thing: no freakin’ synths.


Rating: 3.0/5.0
Origin: Portugal
Worldwide Release: August 12th, 2016

1. The Circle of Light 03:55
2. Adamastor 04:31
3. Glory to Gawain 04:21
4. Dark Angel 06:31
5. The Endless Game 07:27
6. Let’s Raise Hell 05:50
7. Ghost 06:19
8. Nightmares 04:37
9. Ritual 05:31
Total playing time: 49:02

Official Website / Facebook / ReverbNation / Youtube


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