Anno Domini – The Cold Expanse


The cathartic relationship between impact and atmosphere accomplished on this album is accomplished to a fault, as the barrage of guitars, bass, drums and enraged barks are fitted nicely with the lofty keyboard backdrop to form a cohesive whole. True to the progressive form that this album implies, much of the riff work tends to chug along at a moderate groove and usually functions as an extension of the drums when things aren’t blasting away at full speed. Sometimes things almost hint djent territory, particularly on “Fragments Of Eternity”, which is actually among the more ballad-like offerings on here and also features some of the more beautiful melodic swirls from clean and lead guitar parts, not to mention loaded up with the most crooning vocals. Truth be told, one of the biggest strengths of this album is the clean vocal work, which has a small degree of grit to it and doesn’t sound like a whiny teenager (Trivium) but is about as gentle of a voice that has ever appeared on any kind of death metal album.

Review@Metal Archives

Rating: 3.5/5.0
Origin: Australia
Worldwide Release: July 2nd, 2016

01. The Cold Expanse 00:53
02. Fire Upon Eden 09:54
03. The Exiled 06:54
04. Artificial Divine Intelligence 04:37
05. Primordium 05:21
06. Fragments Of Eternity 05:20
07. Infestation 05:22
08. Evanescent 04:47
09. Inner Dimensions 06:15
10. Empyre 05:52
11. Fallen 06:13
Total playing time: 1:01:28

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