Reign Of The Architect – Rise


Rise is a sci-fi concept album of some sort. According to Kramer, the story is an “allegory of the powers that rage inside the human soul”, dealing with the subjectivity of things such as good and evil, and right and wrong. In accordance with this duology, the music on this album falls into one of two categories; either slower dramatic and mournful, or heavier bombastic and angry. Both are done in a very cinematic fashion, and combining influences from Latin, Middle Eastern, European, and jazz fusion traditions into one melting pot of progressive metal riffing.

Review@The Monolith

Rating: 4.0/5.0
Origin: Greece/Israel
Worldwide Release: April 16th, 2013

Act I:
01. Set 01:57
02. Different Heart 04:32
03. Hymn To Loneliness 05:02
04. False 04:32
05. Such A Celebration 03:35
06. Leaking Wounds 04:04
07. Distant Similarities 05:29
Act II:
08. One Single Sour Grape 02:53
09. …As The Old Turns To Sorrow 04:03
10. I, The Architect 01:56
11. Secrets In The Hallway 04:20
12. Crown Of Shattered Dreams 05:47
13. The Green Flame 05:04
Act III:
14. We Must Retaliate 05:31
15. Hopeless War 06:18
Total playing time: 1:05:03

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