NightCreepers – Hreidd


NightCreepers’ latest album, Hreidd, could be the most diverse folk metal album I’ve heard this year. NightCreepers has an undeniable folk metal sound, but the band incorporates all manner of metal into their music. Elements of progressive, black, and melodic death metal can be heard throughout the album, and that’s just a few different aspects of the metal spectrum which can be found within Hreidd.

Review@Music Review

Rating: 3.5/5.0
Origin: France
Worldwide Release: October 21st, 2014

01. Guildsmark 01:08
02. Death To The Hypocrite 04:58
03. One Path Masquerade 04:31
04. Falsehood Veil 01:03
05. Aeon’s Race 04:39
06. Back To The Lair 01:04
07. Truth Lads Have Fallen 04:58
08. Oath Of The Wild 01:23
09. Volcae 05:36
10. Seeds Of Truth 01:29
11. The Hreidd’s Path 06:01
12. Trails Of Our Fate 02:16
13. Vanghor The Bastard 03:10
14. Alpha: Reloaded 05:04
Total playing time: 47:20

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