Imperia – Tears Of Silence


First off, a round of applause for Oliver Philipps and his incredible orchestral arrangements. They really help to make Tears of Silence a success. There’s a lot of folk influence brought into the music this time around which hasn’t been done by Imperia before, but I quite like it and I think that they work it well. Aside from that there’s still a lot of tinkering piano, but no over-the-top synths that made songs like ‘Touch of Your Hand’ so epic. I guess you’d call it a trade-off, as it wouldn’t work with the other things that the orchestration does here.

Review@Metal Archives

Rating: 3.5/5.0
Origin: Netherlands
Worldwide Release: November 20th, 2015

01. Silence is My Friend 04:14
02. Crossroads 05:06
03. Broken (When the Silence Cries) 05:23
04. Away 07:35
05. Friheten vil seire 05:31
06. My Screaming Heart 05:02
07. Motherlove 04:52
08. The Vikingsong 04:20
09. Spirit Chase (Keep Fighting) 05:20
10. Innocent Child 03:57
11. Wings of Hope 06:06
12. We’ll Be Free (Bonus Track) 04:53
13. Broken Hearts (Bonus Track) 03:20
Total playing time: 1:05:39

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