Acromonia – From Hell’s Heights into Heaven’s Abyss


Flattering rythms, soft melodies and heavenly vocals. That’s everything Acromonia is not. Acromonia means hard riffs, deep vocals and impelling melodies. Acromonia is Melodic Death Metal, versatilely swayed and presented unvarnished. Two Guitars, Drums, Keys and Vocals are all the ingredients Acromonia needs to create songs that stomp, impel and martially rage. Healthy aggressiveness bearing sense and structure for seasoning. Firm but fair is the device.

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Rating: 3.5/5.0
Origin: Germany
Worldwide Release: June 3rd, 2016

01. Harbingers
02. Beyond The Brink Of Dreams
03. Glutton
04. From Hell’s Heights
05. Into Heaven’s Abyss
06. Slayer
07. A Heart’s Decay
08. Borderline
09. Riffraff
10. Soul Shroud
11. Freedom Inc.
12. Dance Of The Eternal
Total playing time: 52:59

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