Ensiferum – From Afar


Ensiferum has had a very successful career. They started out in 1995, released their critically acclaimed self titled album in 2001 and have been on top of the so called “Viking metal” sub-genre from there on. Even though they lost their frontman Jari Mäenpää in 2003, Ensiferum quickly found a replacement in the face of Petri Lindroos (ex-Norther). Although a lot of people have said, and are still saying, that Petri will never live up to Jari’s potential, the brutal truth is that Mr. Mäenpää, while inarguably being a true master of his craft, is overrated.

Review@Sputnik Music

Rating: 4.5/5.0
Origin: Finland
Worldwide Release: September 9th, 2009

1. By the Dividing Stream
2. From Afar
3. Twilight Tavern
4. Heathen Throne
5. Elusive Reaches
6. Stone Cold Metal
7. Smoking Ruins
8. Tumman Virran Taa
9. The Longest Journey (Heathen Throne Part II)
Total Playing Time: 56:40

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