Division By Zero – Independent Harmony


Division By Zero is a progressive metal band from Poland. This is their second release and takes more of a traditional progressive route instead of their older more death metal influenced work. Featuring a sound akin to that of Dream Theater’s, but is not a rip-off sound, this album is sure to impress fans of with this newer input style.
One could easily describe the style on this album as simply as Dream Theater mixed with Riverside, with the occasional Opeth moment or two here and there. Once again, this is to put it simply, but there are plenty of moments where the band manage to go into an original part or just seem to sync together in a groove that makes them a bit more distinguishable from every other prog-metal band out there. Aside from this, the band doesn’t really do anything that will make you sit up and notice something that you’ve never heard before.

Review@Don’t Count On It Reviews

Rating: 3.5/5.0
Origin: Poland
Worldwide Release: April 5th, 2010

01 – Independent Harmony
02 – Wake Me Up
03 – Glass Face
04 – Not For Play
05 – Jin & Jang
06 – Don’t Ask Me
07 – Intruder
Total playing time: 44:03

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