Helevorn – Compassion Forlorn


Spanish Helevorn has released albums with a 5 year span until now, but I for one won’t mind if they picked up the pace a notch. Not in the music, though!
The music they perform on Compassion Forlorn is mournful death/doom with gothic vibes, which alternates between leaden and feather-light in expressions. Just like a main character in a dramatic play can alternate between hopelessness and glimpses of hope, the music shifts between gloomy tunnel-sight on existence, and portions of positivity. The music has a hint of catchy kindness, whilst not becoming directly poppy.
Don’t be alarmed by this “gentleness”. Beautiful compositions prevents simplicity, and a rich and full sound where metallic punch gets reinforcements from piano and violin strings, helps to strengthen a massive expression. The clean vocals are very clean, but also natural and well sung in a manly manner. Moreover, there’s enough growls to make the plasterwork crackle and sprinkle from the walls.

Review@Metal Archives

Rating: 3.5/5.0
Origin: Spain
Worldwide Release: September 22nd, 2014

1. The Inner Crumble
2. Burden Me
3. Looters
4. Unified
5. Delusive Eyes
6. I Am to Blame
7. Reason Dies Last
8. Els Dies Tranquils
Total playing time: 49:18

Bandcamp / Facebook / Official Website / SoundCloud / Youtube


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