Ne Obliviscaris – Portal of I

ne obliviscaris.jpg

The album is riddled with extended epics; there is one song out of seven shorter than nine minutes. In addition to electric-acoustic transitions and complex rhythms that call Opeth’s earlier work to mind, fresh touches like the violin and dedicated clean vocals permit dichotomies of simultaneous brutality and beauty that are difficult to balance, let alone master. Technical guitar-work duels with soaring classical melodies and tempos change unpredictably without ever feeling forced. The songs are gelled majestically (granted, the band given most of a decade to complete them) and each could be the grand opus of another band. Compositionally, Portal of I is virtually unmatched.

Review@Metal Archives

Rating: 5.0/5.0
Origin: Australia
Worldwide Release: May 7th, 2012

01. Tapestry of the Starless Abstract 12:01
02. Xenoflux 10:01
03. Of the Leper Butterflies 05:52
04. Forget Not 12:04
05. And Plague Flowers the Kaleidoscope 11:35
06. As Icicles Fall 09:24
07. Of Petrichor Weaves Black Noise 10:43
Total playing time: 1:11:40

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