Countless Skies – New Dawn

countless skies

Countless Skies have established decent underground buzz via a heavy touring schedule, a well received self-titled EP and by securing a slot on the bill for last year’s Bloodstock Open Air Festival.  Not a bad build-up for their debut LP, New Dawn. Featuring all the obligatory elements to grab the attention of melodeath aficionados, from dueling guitar harmonies, gloomy atmospherics, bleak yet oddly uplifting melodies and a stirring mix of gruff death growls and stately, power-tinged clean vocals, New Dawn nails the basic aesthetics of melodic death confidently.


Rating: 4.0/5.0
Origin: United Kingdom (England)
Worldwide Release: June 24th, 2016

1. Aubade 02:03
2. Heroes 04:19
3. Incendium 04:39
4. Solace 05:14
5. Daybreak 04:19
6. Ethereal 06:05
7. Wanderer 07:03
8. Return 10:19
Total playing time: 44:07

Bandcamp / Facebook / Official Website / Twitter / Youtube


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