Draugnim – Vulturine


It’s clear as soon as the typical ‘falling rain’ introduction passes into meaty, blasting black metal, but particularly as the track picks up at the 1:44 mark. The guitar tone and melody is so incredibly similar that I could easily have been convinced it was actually Moonsorrow‘s new material. To be fair, as Vulturine progresses it’s distanced from such overt homages. Melodic black metal is the name of this dish: it has a slightly epic flavor and there are a couple of delicious cuts. Second track, “As in Hunger, so in Demise,” seriously steps up after 3 minutes and accelerates into several razor-sharp riffs. “Drums of Black Death” is another highlight, developing its inter-locking melodies throughout before intensifying at its conclusion. These 2 songs absolutely rip, with a weighty, bass-heavy mix, strong melodic sensibilities and ferocious vox.


Rating: 3.0/5.0
Origin: Finland
Worldwide Release: March 11th, 2016

01. That Name Is Hate 07:43
02. As In Hunger, So In Demise 07:47
03. A Passage In Fire 06:31
04. Grief Unsung 08:04
05. Drums Of Black Death 07:03
06. Serpent Stone 08:46
Total playing time: 45:54

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