Crematory – Monument


Musically, it’s a Crematory album so you don’t expect technical flash and bang. The riffs by Basler and Rolf Munkes are bare-boned and uber simplistic, the keyboards are cheesy and unsubtle and Felix is his typical quasi-death metal self. While Basler brings a slightly more gothy touch to his clean vocals, he isn’t all that different from former singer/guitarist Matthias Hechler. This is simplistic music that strives to be catchy and to the band’s credit, they get that part right more often than not. It just feels more soulless this time for whatever reason.


Rating: 3.0/5.0
Origin: Germany
Worldwide Release: April 15th, 2016

01. Misunderstood 03:50
02. Haus Mit Garten 04:47
03. Die So Soon 04:26
04. Ravens Calling 04:13
05. Eiskalt 03:34
06. Nothing 04:15
07. Before I Die 03:58
08. Falsche Tränen 03:29
09. Everything 04:48
10. My Love Within 03:45
11. Die Letzte Schlacht 04:13
12. Save Me 04:11
Total playing time: 49:29

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