Oceans of Slumber – Winter


Oceans of Slumber is a progressive metal band from Texas that surprised me. Winter, an album ironically named after something not experienced in Texas, is an album of strange character coming from one of metal’s premier labels. Rather than fitting into any of the expected “surefire” categories produced by most labels these days, Oceans of Slumber walks its own path. Their sound is best described as a combination of melodic death, doom and black metal influenced by the Century Black roster circa 1998. Winter blends that with a sadboy metal and an alternative rock base making the album beautiful, mysterious, and oddly chaotic. It’s also really good.


Rating: 3.5/5.0
Origin: USA
Worldwide Release: March 4th, 2016

01. Winter 07:57
02. Devout 05:07
03. Nights In White Satin 05:45
04. Lullaby 01:45
05. Laid To Rest 01:41
06. Suffer The Last Bridge 05:00
07. Good Life 02:07
08. Sunlight 05:34
09. Turpentine 05:31
10. Apologue 06:55
11. How Tall The Trees 01:33
12. …This Road 07:43
13. Grace 03:20
Total playing time: 59:58

Official Website / Facebook / Bandcamp / Twitter


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