Abinchova – Wegweiser


When you deal with Death/Folk Metal, famous names emerge on everyone’s lips to the little band’s displeasure. Even if the shadow of Eluveitie hovers over them, the Swiss band Abinchova isn’t afraid of taking the plunge. After Hörensage’s release (2009) and Versteckte Pfade album (2011), the band made their comeback in 2014. Weigweiser, the last Abinchova’s album delivers an interpretation of Switzerland’s legends and tales.

Review@Valkyries Webzine

Rating: 3.5/5.0
Origin: Switzerland
Worldwide Release: July 4th, 2014

1. Präludium 01:11
2. Handgeschrieben 04:13
3. Wandlung 05:43
4. Vom grünen Grund 04:57
5. Flaschengeist 04:24
6. Sturmgeweiht 05:10
7. Unbenannt 04:08
8. Unter der Erde 04:10
9. Felsenfrass 04:50
10. Echo 08:25
Total playing time: 47:11

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