Fleshgod Apocalypse – King


To start off, though, we have the band’s musicianship; it continues to show plenty of signs of improvement from earlier records. The aggressive death metal roars, though not possessing too much range, do still hold their weight as well as ever. The clean singing, on the other hand, is particularly worth noting; they aren’t quite as over-the-top and shrill as they used to be, and yet there’s still a lot of energy to them (The chorus in “The Fool” is the best example of this).

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Rating: 4.0/5.0
Origin: Italy
Worldwide Release: February 5th, 2016

CD 1
01. Marche Royale
02. In Aeternum
03. Healing Through War
04. The Fool
05. Cold As Perfection
06. Mitra
07. Paramour (Die Leidenschaft Bringt Leiden)
08. And The Vulture Beholds
09. Gravity
10. A Million Deaths
11. Syphilis
12. King

CD 2
01. Marche Royale (Orchestral Version)
02. In Aeternum (Orchestral Version)
03. Healing Through War (Orchestral Version)
04. The Fool (Orchestral Version)
05. Cold as Perfection (Orchestral Version)
06. Mitra (Orchestral Version)
07. And the Vulture Beholds (Orchestral Version)
08. Gravity (Orchestral Version)
09. A Million Deaths (Orchestral Version)
10. Syphilis (Orchestral Version)
Total playing time: 1:47:13

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