Avantasia – Ghostlights


With twelve tracks spanning 1 hour 10 minutes, this certainly isn’t a single-serving symphonic metal platter. It dabbles in various styles and moods but at its attention-whoring heart is a big, throbbing rock opera – like Gutter Ballet era Savatage, Meatloaf and Nightwish dumped in a Smoothie King and sprinkled with…Jorn. Opener “Mystery of the Blood Red Rose” reeks of Meatloaf‘s oversized bombast, and in fact, Sammet wrote it with Mr. Loaf in mind.


Rating: 3.5/5.0
Origin: Germany
Worldwide Release: January 29th, 2016

01. Mystery of a Blood Red Rose 03:51
02. Let the Storm Descend upon You 12:09
03. The Haunting 04:42
04. Seduction of Decay 07:18
05. Ghostlights 05:43
06. Draconian Love 04:58
07. Master of the Pendulum 05:01
08. Isle of Evermore 04:28
09. Babylon Vampyres 07:09
10. Lucifer 03:48
11. Unchain the Light 05:03
12. A Restless Heart and Obsidian Skies 05:53
13. Wake Up To The Moon 04:45
Total playing time: 1:14:48

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