Mercenary – The Hours That Remain


While I usually find melodeath to be nothing more than a contrived, monumental failure that does nothing more than mix minimal elements of death metal with an otherwise power metal sound and structure, Mercenary is one of the very few bands in this genre that I can truly appreciate. This appreciation stems from two main points; one being that Mikkel Sandager is an objectively excellent clean vocalist, and the other being that Mercenary have always been honest in their musical arrangement. The latter point is the prime reason that The Hours That Remain is easily the best album in melodeath. Granted, that isn’t saying too much, but it’s still a great album overall.

Review@Metal Archives

Rating: 5.0/5.0
Origin: Denmark
Worldwide Release: August 21st, 2006

01. Redefine Me 06:06
02. Year of the Plague 05:29
03. My World Is Ending 05:26
04. This Eternal Instant 06:10
05. Lost Reality 08:02
06. Soul Decision 05:03
07. Simplicity Demand 06:35
08. Obscure Indiscretion 04:46
09. My Secret Window 06:29
10. The Hours That Remain 08:07
Total playing time: 62:13

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