Serenity – Codex Atlanticus


Not that there aren’t reasons to take Serenity seriously. One of the places where they excel is in the composition of orchestral pieces. Unlike a band like Rhapsody of Fire, where the orchestral pieces rest in an occasionally uncomfortable balance with the rest of the music, Serenity has the ability to balance their orchestrations with often chunky rhythm guitar lines. When at its best, like on “Iniquity,” french horns and choirs blare out counter melodies to the Neuhauser’s epic chorus. “Spirit in the Flesh” features a driving introduction—courtesy of Nightwish—that rates among the most addictive builds on the record. Even the obligatory intro track (“Codex Antlanticus”) amps up record’s feel with the excellent use of rhythm and orchestra.


Rating: 3.5/5.0
Origin: Austria
Worldwide Release: January 29th, 2016

01. Codex Atlanticus 01:56
02. Follow Me 03:52
03. Sprouts of Terror 05:14
04. Iniquity 05:45
05. Reason 04:13
06. My Final Chapter 04:11
07. Caught in a Myth 05:33
08. Fate of Light 04:43
09. The Perfect Woman 05:04
10. Spirit in the Flesh 05:00
11. The Order 05:23
12. Forgive Me (Bonus Track) 05:32
13. Sail (Bonus Track) 04:13
14. My Final Chapter (Orchestral Version) (Bonus Track) 04:14
15. My Final Chapter (Instrumental Version) (Bonus Track) 04:11

Total playing time: 1:09:04

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