Omnium Gatherum – Grey Heavens


Grey Heavens is exactly what the name implies, it puts Omnium Gatherum in a grey area. It neither reaches the heights of New World Shadows and Beyond, nor does it leave the bittersweet taste of disappointment in your mouth. There’s a word for that, but I’m not allowed to use it.  “The Pit” opens up more boldly that I expected, with OmniumGatherum forcefully delivering their characteristic sound. Structurally, the song feels like a logical follow-up to where Beyond finished off.


Rating: 4.0/5.0
Origin: Finland
Worldwide Release: February 19th, 2016

01. The Pit 04:35
02. Skyline 04:32
03. Frontiers 05:11
04. Majesty And Silence 08:36
05. Rejuvenate! 05:29
06. Foundation 05:50
07. The Great Liberation 05:17
08. Ophidian Sunrise 06:15
09. These Grey Heavens 04:26
10. Storm Front 06:14
Total playing time: 56:25

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